Chat Guide

Here are some notes and graphics that illustrate how to use our Chat Room:

When you open the chat room link in your chosen web browser, the first thing you will see is the log-in box shown below.

The nickname is what displays for you in the chat room. A popular choice is the user's call sign, optionally with a name or other information appended. This can be changed at any time during the chat session without logging off.

The main chat window looks like the image below. Click on it for a larger view.

Your nickname will appear at the left end of the Text Entry Box, just below the chat window. Click on it if you want to change it, such as to append extra info, or to indicate status change, such as "away" or "PhoneCall", for example.

On the right is the Online Users Box where all logged-in users appear.

The next image below identifies the details of the Tool Bar that is below the Text Entry Box. Click on the image for a larger view.

The actions of each tool bar button are also identified when you hold your mouse pointer over a button during your chat session. It is good practice to click the disconnect button when you are done with you chat session.

The sound notification (beep) is intended to let you know when anyone posts new text while your attention is elsewhere. You can silence it using the button shown. Otherwise, you should hear a beep if ALL of the following conditions are satisfied:
As with any web page, you can change the text size by pressing Control + (for larger text) or Control - (for smaller text).

Since this chat app does not use Java, it can be used on mobile devices, too. Some mobile devices have shown a tendency to time out the chat session after a short period of inactivity, but resuming the chat session is quick.

There are many features that we can customize in this chat app. We invite your comments.